The Most Over-the-Top Items in the 2018 Goop Gift Guide

Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle site has cultivated a reputation for releasing the most luxurious, aspirational and eyebrow-raising gift guides every holiday season. Let’s not forget, there has been a $8,300 yurt on the list, a table with a naked butt on the top and a $4,739 blinged-out juicer, to name a few.

Today the annual list was announced and it’s even Goop-ier than ever, thanks to the “Ridiculous But Awesome” category. Its description reads: “Be honest: This is why you’re here in the first place.”

Why, yes, that is why we’re there, Goop friends!

And to the surprise of no one, the brand really delivered outrageousness with their selections, from breakfast with giraffes to rose quartz reusable straws, see our favorites below.

Crystal Straw

What do you get when you combine one trendy item (crystals) with another booming fad (re-usable straws)? The most spiritual $68 ever spent.

Buy It! Glacce Rose Quartz Crystal Straw, $68;

Banana Lamp

Because no one actually needs a $340 banana lamp, this is definitely the item to give that person who has everything.

Buy It! Seletti Banana Lamp, $340;

Moke Electric Car

According to the Goop Gift Guide, this was the official vehicle of choice during Gwyneth Paltrow’s Hamptons wedding and the must-have car to give this season.

Buy It! Moke electic car,

Breakfast with Giraffes

At Giraffe Manor, a boutique hotel in Nairobi, the resident giraffes join guests for breakfast, making this gift the most expensive boozy brunch on the planet.

Buy It! The Safari Collection,

$22K Sapphire Earrings

Have a year’s worth college tuition to blow and no ideas what to spend it on? These green sapphire earrings will do the trick.

Buy It! Vram one-of-a-kind Chrona earrings, $22,560.00;

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