The Sleigh Ride sex position is the perfect bedroom move if you are feeling full after Christmas dinner – The Sun

WHEN you're a Christmas dinner, bottle of mulled wine, 10 mince pies and a portion of Christmas pudding in, having sex can be an effort.

But fear not, because there's a new sex position on the rise and it's perfect for when you're too full to actually move.

Say hello to the Sleigh Ride sex position, perfect for Christmas Day thanks to its festive theme.

The lazy style describes sex with very little movement and can be achieved very simply.

For the ultimate "Sleigh Ride", lie face-down on the bed with legs straight and hips slightly raised (not too much impact on the stomach is obviously, a huge plus).

Your partner lies over you (a little bit like the doggy sex position) but without any vigorous thrusting on a full stomach.

If you don't fancy the Sleigh Ride, the Stuffed Bird sex position is also perfect for Christmas Day.

According to tried and tested couples, it's also great with a hangover.

To master the Stuffed Bird, lie down on your side and get your partner to lie behind you as big spoon.

Both sex positions are great for burning off some Christmas calories, so what are you waiting for?

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