Thrifty gran transforms her 15-year-old kitchen for just £400 with paint and new blinds – after being quoted £3k by professionals – The Sun

A THRIFTY gran has transformed her 15-year-old kitchen for just £400 after receiving a £3,000 quote from the professionals for the same job.

Jennie Farish, 57, initially thought she couldn't afford to do the makeover – but decided to take matters into her own hands.

The woman from Egremont in Cumbria has managed to make her kitchen look brand new in just three weeks by giving it a fresh lick of paint and and adding blinds.

Jennie – who lives with her daughter Abigail, 23, and three-year-old granddaughter Alice – had been told at first that it would set her back £1600 for a spray paint job or £3000 for it to be hand-painted.

Unable to afford the sum, she decided to give it a go herself, telling the Daily Mail: "I do a lot of craft work, so I thought I can do it, it's just going to be daunting.

"It was hard work but I said I'll just get on and do it myself."

Jennie used using sugar soap to clean all the units, before adding a coat of primer followed by two top coats of paint.

Next, she cleaned and painted the tiles and walls.

The grandmother explained: "'I got the paint which was £148 I did all the units, I painted the tiles, did the walls.

"I also added another £250 and got new blinds so in total it cost me about £400."

The self-employed hairdresser added that the DIY job, which she did between work, took her three months in total.

She revealed that her daughter wanted to help her out – but she declined the offer.

Jennie added: "My daughter offered to help me but I said no because if there are any mistakes I can only blame me – but she loved it."

She said she had been "blown away" by all the "positive" comments when she shared pictures of the finished result online.

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