Tinsel hair is the hot new Christmas beauty trend – and it’s NOT tacky

That's right, you can tinsel up your hair, and trust us, it isn't tacky.

The festive trend for our tresses was created by the Global Design Director of Colour Me, Kate Reid.

She told Popsugar that tinsel hair is perfect for blondes and that it "embodies sparkle and shine in every way".

Although similar to a dip dye or ombre look, Kate stresses that there is a difference.

She explained: ""Dip dye and ombré is where the colour is positioned, whereas tinsel hair is much more about the reflective sparkle left.

"I like to merge shades and place them anywhere in the hair that embraces and enhances natural shine and highlights.


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The classy yet colourful 'do is a world away from what you'd normally associate with tinsel hair – tacky wigs from joke shops.

And the hair trend has already been taking Instagram by storm, with many trying out the hint of colour in time for Christmas.

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TIPS to FAST FLAWLESS BLONDES 1️⃣ Start in the darkest area. 2️⃣ 6% will get you as light as 12% but the condition is better, can take a little longer. 3️⃣ Take thin sections and lay it flat, no twirling, no bent hair apply the lightener liberally just one inch off the scalp 4️⃣ Each section is see through and wrapped in foil to keep it warm. 5️⃣ don’t be afraid of leaving it on 6️⃣ once you have finished application go back and apply the roots 7️⃣ check the ends and reapply to the ends if needed even with 3% 8️⃣ develop 9️⃣ wash or restore then refine / tone or add pastel ? thanks @marshagm for helping create this perfect blonde base #bestblonde #bleach #pastel #haireducation #salon #hairfashionstyler #katereid #kevinmurphy

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Straight to my heart ? with a soft pink & lavender melted from a pearl blonde . Faster service time tip ☝?: while her retouch was processing with #purelightpowerlightener +25 vol , teasy ombre those ends and apply vivids alternating pink & luscious lavender , wrap the vivids in foil to protect while rinsing and shampooing retouch. Apply Pearl express tones with zerolift at retouch for 5 minutes and comb down to meet vivids . Then rinse and shampoo all the hair. This cuts the typical time of usualy applying the vivids after toning and blowdrying . I saved an extra 1 hour at least and my client had extra color in her regular service with no extra time added )?? Blowdried straight & smooth with @biolage heat styling primer & frizz control styling spray . . . @pravana @brazilianbondbuilder #pravana #brazilianbondbuilder #licensedtocreate #blondehair #pinkombrehair #modernsalon #lasvegashairstylist #lasvegashair#hendersonhairstylist #hendersonnvhair #hendersonnvhairstylist #straighthair #pastelhair #ombre #thebtcteam #behindthechair #ittakesapro #pearlblonde #winterhair #prettyhair #healthyhair #biolagepartner #healthystyling #liveraw #biolage

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Those who like the look of tinsel hair and are keen to try it out should be quite specific when describing what they want to their hairdresser.

Kate explained you need to ask for a reflective colour that enhances the light and gives your hair more shine.

Also, you should incorporate a metallic tone into your new 'do for added shine and festive feel.

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