TJ Holmes and Amy Robach are 'airbrushing' sex out of their relationship in bid to show they're authentic, expert says | The Sun

TJ Holmes and Amy Robach have stalled their PDA-packed outings to re-set their careers and relationship, a body language expert has said.

She claimed the ex-GMA hosts have "airbrushed" out their sex life, which could suggest they are also reining in intimacy at home.

TJ and Amy, 50, made a social media comeback on August 28.

Nine months after their affair was exposed, they shared a post on Instagram that showed their love of running.

As they sat on a doorstep, the pair focused on their leggings and Nike sneakers.

Amy had her legs crossed, while TJ's were spread apart.

The former GMA hosts captioned the post: "#nycmarathon2023."

In an exclusive interview, body language expert Judi James told The U.S. Sun: “This is the first Instagram official photo chosen by the couple, and it notched down the libido signals.

“The fitness message was there in the leggings and Nike sneakers.

"Their usual sexual angle was airbrushed out.

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“TJ and Amy have dialed back on pushing the sexual side of their relationship.

“Those legs that we saw wrapped around TJ’s waist in a gesture of passion were firmly shut, in a leg cross.

“There are no torsos or heads in view.

“The peak performance they were in before does not look bedroom-based.

“Amy and TJ want to signal they are authentic together, and not about sex and PDAs.”

Their affair came to light in November, with TJ and Amy showing plenty of PDA in its aftermath.

ABC News took the co-anchors off the air and suspended them.

The couple continued to show the world they were meant to be.

Romantic sightings in New York, Mexico, and Miami followed as both their marriages fell apart.

Amy was still married to actor Andrew Shue, 56.

TJ was married to lawyer, Marilee Fiebig, 45. He filed for divorce in December, but this has now stalled.

By the New Year, James said the couple's body language was purely sexual.

"Their gestures began to look like an ad for a healthy sex life," she said.

“Even when they ran together, they were close and tactile.

“Back then, Amy and TJ did not just hug, they did these koala hugs.

“Amy would be taking running leaps at her man and encircling him with her arms and legs.

"She would always be touching TJ, no matter where they were.

“There were so many flirty gestures, especially on their romantic vacations.”

Their relationship gathered pace but professionally Amy and TJ were in limbo.

In January, the couple parted ways with ABC after working on GMA since 2020.

The U.S. Sun reported that Amy was close to signing a new TV job with NewsNation.

Sources also told the Daily Mail the company had wanted TJ, but changed their minds.

James continued: “They have now returned to their previous image, which is business as usual,” she said.

“This image could be seen as much more bankable for them in terms of work.

“Here they are now sitting quietly on a concrete doorstep dressed in running gear.

“There was no defining in terms of male-female stereotyping.

"There was no twinning or contact, which you often see from couple.

“TJ’s long slim legs were covered in fancy patterned leggings.

“Amy's leggings looked dull and functional.

"Her crossed-leg position suggested a tighter emotional control.

“Both her feet were placed squarely on the ground.

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"This all points to decisive thinking.

"This would have been a complex photo to take. The message to their followers is clearly a non-sexual one."

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