Top Veganuary swaps to help you thrive this January

But if you're inspired to try being vegan this January, these super simple swaps can smooth the transition in Veganuary.

Delicious food, trendy accessories and tasty treats – what's not to love?
This is one New Year’s resolution you can keep to, especially if you're aware of the options available.

And there are plenty – from food to fashion, we'll show you where to get started.

These pointers will help keep you on the right track for January, and maybe even beyond.

Have a cookie

You may have to walk past the bakery in your local supermarket with your eyes (and nostrils) closed, but there’s still ways to get that chocolate fix without breaking your vegan lifestyle.

A number of brands make sweet treats that don’t use dairy products or eggs, including the aptly named Vegan Bakery – available at Holland & Barrett.

Try their Coconut Clouds, Sweet Crunchies and even Choco Cookies.

Ice ice baby

If you assume that going vegan means that you’ll be up at 4am every day making quinoa burgers, worry no more.

On the high street, Iceland is known for its wide range of frozen foods. But did you know they have a wide variety of vegan options?

Pick up a No Bull vegan chilli & rice or Linda McCartney’s 'vegetarian sausages as staples for the oven.

I feel pretty

It’s not just food you need to consider for a vegan lifestyle.

If you're committed to more, a lot of beauty products contain ingredients (like beeswax) which originate from an animal. And mmake up brushes could contain animal hair.

To avoid the latter, treat yourself to the Spectrum 10 Piece Pink Essential Brush Set from Boots made from quality synthetic hair.

So on trend

All leather-based products are strictly off limits to vegans, but you can still get the look without ditching the ethos.

There are heaps of faux-leather substitutes available for everything from shoes to handbags.

We like Dr Martens Vegan Chrome lace up boots for stomping around in style, and the vegan belt range from Burton can smarten up a look.

Living the life

It can seem a tad overwhelming transitioning to a vegan lifestyle, but with the right cookbooks in your arsenal, you’ll be flying.

Before plumping for the perfect new additions to add to your kitchen shelf, make sure you have all the equipment required for the recipes.

For instance, do you need to have an all-singing, all dancing juicer?

Will you be hunting for agave syrup in the corner shop?

Check out the huge selection on offer at Amazon, including Vegan On the Go and Feed Me Vegan.

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