Toy reindeer's design flaw leaves shoppers horrified – but that's not the only festive flop as these funny photos prove

We've already got our eyes on Ikea's £5 Christmas tree and B&M's £6 baubles – but there's one ornament we'll definitely be avoiding.

A picture of a terrifying reindeer decoration was posted to Twitter page You Had One Job yesterday.

To be honest, it looks more suited to Halloween than Christmas.

The animal is dressed in a red scarf and Santa hat, with rosy cheeks and a sweet smile on its face.

But then there are its antlers – which protrude from its EYES.

Unsurprisingly, people are horrified by the reindeer's apparent impalement. Comments include: "GASP," and: "They only see pain."

But worryingly, that's not the only awkward Christmas-related fail out there.

Earlier this month, a Twitter user found another reindeer ornament with a momentous flaw.

Alan Lee – from Ireland – shared a photo of a wooden reindeer carrying number blocks, with the word "Xmas" written across the bottom.

Except it didn't actually say "Xmas" – as the word had been printed upside down.

Back in October, we told you about a woman who tried on a pair of festive striped leggings with a very awkward print.

The fail was uploaded to Ranker via Facebook, captioned "One Of Santa's Little Helpers Takes His Job Way Too Far".

As well as the stripes, the trousers were also covered in elves.

But the unfortunate placement of one elf saw a tiny hand protruding from the woman's crotch.

Looking for a children's gift? You may not like the packaging for this "Flower Mirror".

On the front of the box, there's a photo of a little girl smiling into the camera as she holds up a lipstick.

The mirror is behind her… but there's something very wrong with the reflection.

In reality, we should only be able to see the side of the girl's head.

But someone has decided to copy and paste her face into the glass – creating a very creepy effect.

You'll also find an error on Primark's Harry Potter light box, with features Dumbledore's quote: "Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light."

As one Twitter user pointed out, this isn't actually the line that Michael Gambon speaks in The Prisoner of Azkaban.

Instead of saying: "If only one remembers", Dumbledore tells the students of Hogwarts: "If one only remembers."

There's something fishy about this chocolate-covered sweet potato, with comes complete with a cranberry and blueberry topping.

We know it can be tricky cooking Christmas dinner for vegetarians, but we have no idea what inspired this bizarre mix of foods.

We mean, where's the stuffing?

There may be a few tears from Batman fanatics on Christmas morning.

We recently found a funny photo of a kids' backpack – which has a rather awkward defect.

The name Batman is printed across the bottom, in the character's trademark bright yellow.

But unfortunately for fans of the comic book character, the accompanying picture depicts Superman.

Boohoo is selling a pair of £4 nipple covers… that look just like Christmas wreaths.

As expected, shoppers aren't quite sure what to make of the quirky accessories.

Over on Twitter, one comment reads: "@boohoo is selling Christmas wreath nipple covers… stop the planet, I want to get off."

Another person joked: "Yup thanks Boohoo that's exactly what I was looking for."

Keen to get organised in 2019? Picking up a notebook in Primark may not be the best idea.

The retailer's silver slogan planner is emblazoned with the words: "In case no one told you today… you rock."

But there's a mistake inside the diary, with Saturday harbouring a rogue letter "e" between the "r" and "d".

Twitter user Grace – from Bristol – wrote: "Erm @Primark am I missing something or is this a huge typo… On every copy of this product?"

These Christmas tree brownies don't quite match up with the example on the box.

With their wobbly edges and lacklustre decorations, it's hard to work out what they're actually meant to be.

Plenty of people will be receiving Disney treats in their stockings on December 25.

But this woman's outfit turned into a bit of a nightmare, due to the awkward positioning of Cruella de Vil.

Uploading the photo to Facebook, owner Missy Mitchell said: "The placement of Cruella de Vil’s hair/head in my crotch is hilarious."

If you're inviting family over for Christmas dinner, you probably won't want to offer up one particular bottle of red.

The wine is called 4 Skins – and if you don't get why that's rude, just say it out loud (although you may want to wait until you're alone).

A snap of the bottle went viral after it was posted on Twitter, alongside the caption: "Are you sure you want to call it that?"

Who knew so much could go wrong over the festive season?

We think we'll play it safe with our old Christmas jumper and trusty tinsel this year.

Meanwhile, there's an embarrassing spelling mistake on this piece of home decor – can you spot it?

People can't stop laughing at the extremely rude name of this wine brand.

And B&M made a huge blunder when they named this £29.99 mirror.

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