Tracee Ellis Ross Debuts 'Glorious' Song for That Feeling You Get When You Score a New Bag

Every now and then there are those certain accessories that just put an extra pep in your step. Maybe it’s a new pair of chic sneakers or glamorous sunglasses. For Tracee Ellis Ross, it was her new designer handbag that was just so fabulous, it made her burst into song.

The Black-ish actress, 46, posted a hilarious Instagram video serenading her new Gucci tote bag in a performance that will give you strong flashbacks to her superstar mom, Diana Ross.

“This bag is glorious. I mean, glorious,” the actress belted. “Thank you Gucci.”

She closed the song with a long, Diana Ross-like “Yeah.” And struck her best model hand-on-her-hip pose before and after she sang, making for a hilarious start and end to the clip.

The “glorious” bag is a $2,500 tote from Gucci with a bejewelled tiger broach (which was inspired by a vintage Hattie Carnegie piece) with the brand’s iconic red and green stripe in the center.

Lucky for Ross, she appears to be on the Gucci mailing list, but if you’re ready for a splurge on a bag that is so great it’ll make you sing like Diana Ross, there’s good news.

The Gucci “Rajah” suede tote is available at Nordstrom for a cool $2,500 in the exact shape and hue as Ross’s. What’s even better? You can still get it by Christmas Eve so you can wrap it up and put it under the tree just in time for the holiday.

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