Tuesday Treat! 15 Times Keanu Reeves Looked Smokin’ Hot

Keanu Reeves is having a moment. Then again, when isn’t he having a moment? He may have made his movie debut in 1986. But the years since haven’t diminished the John Wick actor’s intrigue or his beauty; if anything, the decades have simply enhanced his appeal. And now, at 54 years old, Reeves is living his best life.

The Hawaii native first gained widespread fame as affable stoner Ted in 1989’s Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. But oversized vests, t-shirts and sneakers didn’t remain his thing! Instead, he morphed into a style star on the red carpet — and an action hero at the box office, wooing Sandra Bullock’s Annie as Jack in 1994’s Speed, and solving the time-space continuum as slick Neo in The Matrix in 1999. Later, he rose to dominate pop culture again in 2010 as “Sad Keanu,” when a photograph of him looking pensive while eating a sandwich alone on a NYC bench became an instant meme.

More recently, with his raven locks and perfect facial hair more grown-out — it’s the rare man who can make a full beard and mustache look just as sexy as the in-between stubble — the indie actor has his grooming and beauty game down pat.

And his fashion choices are second to none. Typically, the star, who has a much-talked-about cameo in Ali Wong’s 2019 Netflix hit Always Be My Maybe, dresses in a well-tailored dark suit for premieres and talk shows. On his buzzy Stephen Colbert appearance in June 2019 — yup, the one in which he thoughtfully answered what he thinks happens when we die (“I know that the ones who love us will miss us” — he paired a black shirt, black pants and black blazer with a black tie. From time to time, he’ll even add thick, dark-rimmed glasses to his look — causing, well, quite a spectacle.

No matter where he is or what he’s doing, Reeves makes his sartorial choices count — and for that, we salute him. Scroll through to see the Toy Story 4 actor in his best moments.

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