Viral puzzle asks you to work out how many ducks are in this picture – but can you get it right?

TWIDDLING your thumbs in the office this morning? We’ve got just the thing to while away the hours.

A viral puzzle is challenging the web to work out how many ducks are in this image – and it’s not as easy as you might think.

Shared on Twitter by user Daniel Newman, at first glance the image appears to show just nine duck emojis.

However, look closer and you may be able to spot a few more mallards nestled in the image, but how many can you spot?

The puzzle has proven quite the challenge for fellow puzzlers who have been left baffled by the brainteaser.

“I gave up trying to count,” wrote one, while another added, “It’s making my eyes go funny!”

Still struggling to identify all the ducks? Scroll down for the reveal.

There are actually a total of 16 ducks, as Twitter user Kait Julia.

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She wrote: “It’s 16 lol. There’s the obvious 9 and then there’s some which have mini ones hidden on them and a couple which has a duck hiding behind it.”

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