Watching TV and taking your bra off have been named in the top 50 things Brits love to do

WATCHING TV and taking your bra off are among the top 50 things Brits look forward to, a study has revealed. 

Some 2,000 people were asked what everyday things bring them joy, and among the top 10 was fresh bedding, going for a walk, having a cup of tea and sitting in the garden. 

The research, commissioned by Costa Coffee, which is offering a free coffee via its app throughout July, also found 63 per cent of people thought their mood improved after their first drink, with the average time of the first sip 8.53am.

Among the activities which Brits looked forward to as routines begin to get back to normal is socialising with friends, and eating out. 

While going to the gym, watching a movie at the cinema and grabbing a coffee were also among the highlights. 

And some 78 per cent believed it was important to treat themselves to something which made them feel happy each day. 

Top 50 things Brits look forward to

  1. Watching evening TV
    2. Going to sleep
    3. Eating an evening meal
    4. Getting into bed with fresh bedding
    5. Sitting down with a cup of tea/coffee in peace
    6. Putting your feet up and sitting on the sofa in the evening
    7. Going for a walk
    8. Having a cup of tea
    9. Watching another episode of a TV series
    10. Sitting in the garden
    11. Having a shower
    12. Watching a film
    13. Eating lunch
    14. Taking your shoes off knowing you're not leaving the house again
    15. The first morning coffee
    16. Reading in bed in the evening
    17. Eating breakfast food
    18. Getting into bed with your partner
    19. Having a bath
    20. Meeting friends for a catch up
    21. Putting pyjamas on
    22. Pouring a glass of wine
    23. Changing from work clothes to loungewear
    24. Finishing a chapter of a book
    25. Listening to the radio
    26. Turning your work laptop/computer off for the day
    27. Taking your bra off
    28. Driving your car
    29. Taking your dog for a walk
    30. Taking a trip to a café with friends
    31. Cooking for others
    32. Finishing a workout
    33. Spending money
    34. Going to a café for brunch
    35. Putting fresh washing away
    36. Going to the gym
    37. Playing with your kids
    38. Going for a bike ride
    39. Buying a barista coffee
    40. Getting dressed in smart/fancy clothes
    41. Listening to a podcast
    42. Going for a run
    43. Taking make up off
    44. Hanging up the phone on your last work call of the day
    45. Doing your night time skin care regime
    46. Putting your kids to bed
    47. Applying your make up
    48. Seeing your colleagues
    49. Styling your hair
    50. Reading your kids a bedtime story


The research also showed adults experience four ‘highs’ each day, which include getting the kids to bed on time and getting an early night themselves. 

But there are also four ‘lows’ of the day, such as getting stuck in traffic or being late for work. 

The study, by OnePoll, also found that Brits usually take a walk at lunch at 1.07pm, change out of work clothes by 6.37pm and ‘switch off’ by 8.05pm, and are in bed by 10.02pm.

But 5.11pm was the time most people looked forward to, the traditional ‘end of the working day’. 

Some six in 10 people admitted they now appreciate the small things in life more than they did before, with relaxation and contentment key themes. 

Top 10 things Brits missed during lockdown

Going to a restaurant
2. Meeting friends for a catch up
3. Spending time with wider family
4. Eating lunch out
5. Having a pint at the pub
6. Taking a trip to a café with friends
7. Going to the cinema
8. Going to a café for brunch
9. Buying a barista coffee from a café
10. Going to the gym

Neil Lake, managing director of Costa Coffee UK&I, said: “With many stores now safely re-opened, you can now enjoy relaxing in store and catching up with family and friends – simple pleasures that we all perhaps previously took for granted.

"To help you enjoy more of these missed moments, as well as a free drink, we're also passing back the VAT saving to customers and, from the 3rd-31st August, will be operating the ‘Eat Out to Help Out' scheme.

"We hope that customers not only enjoy treating themselves to a drink, on us, but also look forward to meeting up with friends and family in-store again. 

"A barista-crafted morning or afternoon pick-me-up has clearly been missed by millions and we can’t wait to welcome everyone back to our stores."

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