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WHILE the cost of living crisis might have most of us struggling to sleep at night, ‘Britain’s most hated woman’ is floating on a sea of tranquillity… quite literally.

Rather than squirrelling away every last penny, Carla Bellucci, 41, is finding every opportunity to splash the cash having just booked her sixth five-star holiday of 2022.

And while she’s soaking up the sun from her luxury resort in Hurghada, influencer Carla says she won’t feel the slightest bit guilty about her privileged life arguing that those struggling should be working harder.

Here Carla, who lives with her fiance Gio and her three youngest children, Tanisha, 17, Jayden, 15, and 12-month-old Blue, near Hitchin, Herts, explains why she has no hang-ups over flaunting her luxurious lifestyle.

“Lounging on the balcony of my diplomatic suite at the five-star Egyptian resort, my mind couldn’t be further away from my energy bills.

It may be my sixth luxury getaway this year, but I haven’t scrimped by any means.


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Gio, Blue and I are flying first class on Emirates airlines before checking in at one of the city’s top hotels setting us back around £3k each.

But while I can’t wait to top up my tan with some winter sun, the trolls are already out in force telling me that I shouldn’t be spending so much money while others are struggling.

I don’t understand their problem – yes I bagged a few freebies from the hotel but the rest I have paid for with my own money that I have worked hard for and I won’t apologise for enjoying my success as an influencer. 

I refuse to be made to feel guilty just because I’m not struggling like everyone else, no one complains when politicians go on holiday.

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I am paying my bills and they aren’t cheaper than anybody else’s. I can’t moan about it, I just have to do better and make the money to keep the kids warm.

Everyone is complaining about the pinch but my attitude is work harder and do better.

I’m in a fortunate position, I accept that, but things weren’t always this way. 

Once upon a time I was a struggling single mum – I didn’t get any support and I had to deal with it and deal with it I did.

You see people smoking 40 cigarettes a day then struggling to afford their bills, quit the fags and put the heating on for your kids

Nobody can plead poverty to me because I’ve been there and my attitude was always to make my life as best as I can and there are so many people who aren’t willing to do the same.

You see people smoking 40 cigarettes a day then struggling to afford their bills, quit the fags and put the heating on for your kids.

If they were really making an effort I can’t see why anyone would be struggling unless they were really unwell.

You can’t hate people who are managing to keep their head above water, if I was scrounging off the government I could see the hate but I got to work and I still get the hate.

People should see me as an inspiration rather than lashing out at me because I am more successful than them.

Back when I was struggling, if I had seen someone like me I would have admired them, to do better, I never felt jealous or spiteful.

Why is Carla known as ‘Britain’s most hated woman?’

Back in 2019 the mum admitted on This Morning that she wanted a nose job but didn’t want to pay thousands of pounds for it.

At the time she said, “I’d been to a Harley Street surgeon and they quoted me £7,000 for a nose job, but there was nothing really wrong with it, it was just a tiny bit wonky, so that seemed a lot of money. 

“I’m good at blagging stuff so I thought I would chance it and see if I could get a free one. I couldn’t believe it actually worked.”

Since then she’s courted further controversy by admitting that she’ll buy her daughter Tanisha a Brazilian butt lift, saying, “I’d rather she was beautiful than clever, and would prefer her to appear on Love Island than be a lawyer.”

She also boasted about raking in money doing OnlyFans, even selling her worn maternity underwear, and admitted she gets both Tanisha and Jayden to take her saucy photographs.

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My advice for anyone who is worried about the cost of living would be to work hard, keep focused and s*** does happen. 

I do believe if you want something that bad you can make it happen, and if you need inspiration then I’ll be right here waiting on my sunlounger.”

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