What is a helix piercing? Everything you need to know about them

But what is the helix piercing, and does it hurt? We have all the info you need…

What is a helix piercing?

From the tragus to a conch and even a daith piercing, the possibilities are seemingly endless for our poor ears.

One of the most popular piercings, apart from the lobes, is the helix piercing.

The helix piercing is on the upper cartilage of the ear, and there are multiple different kinds.

The standard helix is on the outter cartilage, and is usually a hoop.

You can have more than just one here, and they are called double and triple helix piercings.

Forward helix piercings are also a thing, an they're they're the studs on the inner side of the top of the ear.

Does it hurt?

All piercing pain depends entirely on the pain threshold of whoever's getting it done.

However, compared to others, the helix doesn't have a reputation for being particularly agonising.

How long does the piercing take to heal?

The time every piercing takes to heal can vary, but any piercing to the ear cartilage can take a while to heal.

The helix takes anywhere between three and six months before it's fully healed.

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