What's a rising sign in my horoscope, what does it mean and how can I calculate my rising sign?

But did you know that you also have a rising sign that can reveal more about your personality? Here’s how to find out yours…

What's a rising sign in my horoscope?

Many people know their star sign, which is known as a sun sign.

But as the name suggests, the rising sign – also known as the ascendant sign – is the sign that was rising on the eastern horizon the moment you were born.

It is one of “three legs” of your birth chart, along with your moon sign, and these three signs are said to make up the foundation of your personality, according to those who believe in horoscopes.

Your moon sign is said to indicate the “inner you”, but the rising star can reveal more about the “outer” you, and is what most people see as their first impression of you.

How do I calculate my rising sign?

To calculate your rising sign, you'll need your star sign and the hour that you were born.

In this handy table by Ask the Astrologers, look down the left column for your star sign, and then move along to the hour you were born.

Once you have your symbol, look down the left column to again to see what it corresponds to.

If you don't know your star sign you can find it out here.

What does my rising sign mean?

Each star sign is said to have different qualities, strengths and weaknesses.

Here’s what each is said to represent:


Strengths: hopeful, active, energetic, honest, adaptable, brave, adventurous, passionate, generous, cheerful, curious, warm, dynamic

Weaknesses: impulsive, naive, self-willed, quarrelsome, impatient

Symbol: Ram


Strengths: romantic, decisive, logical, hard-working, passionate, patient, artistic, perseverant, kind, practical, calm,

Weaknesses: prejudiced, needy, stubborn, hedonistic

Symbol: Bull


Strengths: insightful, smart, cheerful, quick-witted, warm, charming

Weaknesses: fickle, gossipy

Symbol: Twins


Strengths: strong sixth sense, gentle, imaginative, careful, dedicated, perseverant, kind, caring

Weaknesses: greedy, possessive, sensitive, prudish

Symbol: Crab


Strengths: proud, charitable, reflective, loyal and enthusiastic

Weaknesses: arrogant, conceited, indulgent, wasteful, wilful

Symbol: Lion


Strengths: precise, intelligent, helping, elegant, perfectionist, modest, practical, perceptive

Weaknesses: fussy, nosey, tortuous, limiting

Symbol: Virgin maiden


Strengths: idealistic, reasonable, just, strong social skills, charming, artistic, kind-hearted

Weaknesses: hesitant, egotistic, lazy, careless, freewheeling

Symbol: Scales


Strengths: mysterious, rational, intelligent, independent, intuitive, devoted, insightful, sensible

Weaknesses: suspicious, obsessive, complicated, possessive, arrogant, self-willed

Symbol: Scorpion


Strengths: adventurous, outspoken, upbeat, insightful, rational, brave, lively, optimistic

Weaknesses: forgetful, unthinking, rash

Symbol: Archer


Strengths: intelligent, practical, reliable, perseverant, generous, optimistic, endearing, persistent

Weaknesses: stubborn, solitary, and suspicious

Symbol: Goat


Strengths: unique, tolerant, calm, sociable, charitable, independent, smart, practical

Weaknesses: changeful, disobedient, hasty, rebel

Symbol: Water carrier


Strengths: conscious, friendly, dedicated, kind, good temper

Weaknesses: retreating, sentimental, indecisive, unrealistic

Symbol: Fish

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