When is Fairtrade fortnight? What is it and what Fairtrade products can I buy? All you need to know

Here's what you need to know.

When is Fairtrade fortnight?

Fairtrade fortnight is a nationwide initiative, led by the Fairtrade Foundation, and it kicks off today February 25.

The two week event will come to an end on March 10 and is held to increase awareness amongst shoppers about where the produce they are buying originates from.

This year's Fairtrade fortnight focuses on cocoa.

Farmers of this much-loved product have seen prices fall to crisis levels in the last few years, making life incredibly difficult for cocoa farmers.

This is especially true in West Africa where most cocoa is grown.


What is Fairtrade and what products can I buy?

Fairtrade means offering fair prices paid to farmers in the developing world – and a fair return for all their hard work.

Being Fairtrade enables them to get a sustainable price on their produce and acts as an incentive to invest in their own communities.

Products with a Fairtrade logo have met internationally agreed Fairtrade Standards – which were designed to address the inequality of power in conventional trade.

There are all kinds if of Fairtrade products on the market.

Bananas, chocolate, coffee, tea, wine and even beauty products are just a few of the goods that can be purchased with assurance that they’re Fairtrade – just look out for the Fairtrade mark.

For more information visit fairtrade.org.uk

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