Why Bryce Dallas Howard Is Wearing Pre-Owned Clothes in Cannes

When it comes to red carpet dressing, Bryce Dallas Howard has always been open about her unconventional approach. Instead of working with a stylist or trying to deal with the limitations of designer samples, the actress is known to buy her outfits right off the rack. So, it should come as no surprise that the Rocketman star issued herself a new “challenge” for the 2019 Cannes Film Festival: she would wear “consigned” and “previously owned” pieces exclusively.

“Hey online family, I’m in Cannes! You know what that means… big time fancy schmancy dressing up,” she wrote on Instagram. “I always feel conflicted when shopping for a press tour, because often these are clothes I will only wear once. In the past, since I’ve purchased rather than borrowed I realized ultimately this wasn’t an entirely sustainable practice. For several years now, I’ve relied on @therealreal religiously to both buy and consign my own clothes. So for this @rocketmanmovie press tour, I challenged myself to exclusively dress in consigned and previously owned pieces.”

For the uninitiated, The RealReal is an online luxury consignment shop that allows costumers to buy and sell their pre-owned designer clothing. At Cannes, Howard has managed to put together head-to-toe business casual and red carpet-worthy looks that prove the old adage: everything old is new again.

After kicking off the film festival in a purple suede Ralph Lauren mini at the Rocketman photo-call on Thursday, May 16 (she even finished off the look with consigned shoes and sunglasses), she hit the glitzy red carpet for the film’s premiere that evening in a fab floral-print Gucci gown that was, once again, accessorized to perfection.

And that’s just the tip of Howard’s fashionable film festival fete. Keep scrolling to see all of the actress’ pre-owned and consigned Cannes looks — and get the details on the hair and makeup styles that complemented them!

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