Why We All Need a Great Pleated Skirt

The pleated skirt is a wardrobe staple that has never steered us wrong. The classic piece has grown up with us. We all have a memory linked to it—maybe it’s a school uniform, a summer essential from days spent on the tennis court, or the outfit of choice worn to a successful job interview.

After recently adding a new pleated skirt to our collection, we’ve been considering the best ways to wear it. Join us in honoring the iconic style—and shopping some chic ones.

How did pleats originate?

We can thank the ancient Egyptians for popularizing this classic style. The time and effort that went into creating such a garment gave it upper-echelon status, as it had to be resewn after every wear. Talk about sacrifice in the name of fashion! Since then, pleats have continued to make a statement throughout history, from Queen Elizabeth’s classic ruff to Issey Miyake’s timeless Pleats Please collection.

What is the best pleated skirt for my vibe?

As always, wear what feels great. But you can’t go wrong with a classic maxi style paired with a prep sweater. Accordion pleats give you that sexy librarian feel—nothing too tight or short. Additionally, a drop-waist pleat (when pleats begin below the top of the skirt) give that Ivy League vibe—but make it your own in the styling. And, of course, we can’t get enough of the daring pleated miniskirt for a tennis mood all year long.

In a striking red, this pleat that begins below the waist is a statement worth making. A surprise color combination can effortlessly sophisticate your look in seconds. The tucked-in jacket lends length to the legs when paired with a higher heel. This is how we’ll be styling our pleated skirt for dinner and drinks with friends or a significant other.

The Modern Classic

Nervous to step into a miniskirt? This styling tip will soothe all your worries. Play with proportions to keep your look elevated. Tall boots and a long trench coat will do just the trick in balancing out your miniskirt of choice. We’ve been rejoicing in the return of prep for some time now, and this is the perfect piece to wear for it.

The New Prep

A maxi style means you won’t have to worry about any Marilyn Monroe moments, and pairing it with an oversized sweatshirt lends an athleisure take to the elegant style. If you’re sporty, this is the best way entry point.

The Sporty Spice

The pleated skirt is truly a piece you can wear from summer into fall with ease. Shop on for more styles you can wear multiple ways. To further increase the potential of your skirt collection, try adding an asymmetrical hemline, a leather essential, or a pop of color. We rest our case.

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