Wilson’s New Athleisure Line Is as Good as the Best Gear We’ve Tested

In the world of athletic equipment, Wilson is ubiquitous. It’s been making almost everything you’ve played a sport with since 1913, from baseball mitts and tennis rackets to footballs and basketballs. Recently, the brand has gone big on expanding its presence not just on the court (or field, etc.) but off it, too, launching its own line of athleisure and partnering with other organizations to expand its social initiatives.

The clothes are everything you’d want from a brand that specializes in sports. It’s the kind of no-frills (but smartly made) collection we’d wear to and from any athletic endeavor, whether we’re taking part or spectating. But we’d also be happy to wear it out to the grocery store. The line includes T-shirts, polos and sweatshirts, as well as comfy shorts and understated joggers.

The shorts and the joggers are stretchy and quick-drying, which, while an essential for wearing them to work out, is also a stellar trait to have for clothes you wear all day long for just about anything. Not only does this help you stay cool and aired out but it also means you can sweat (and stop sweating) without feeling gross for the rest of the day. Plus, they have UV protection if you’re sweating it out in the sun.

The shirts are made to do the same: keep you cool and stop you from smelling. We’ll take a shirt in every color and for any time we’re headed outside for a long period of time.

In other fashion-centric news, Wilson also made a collector’s basketball (a standard size and a mini) with Louis Vuitton. It uses the Louis Vuitton luggage leather and is stamped with the signature LV logo. Louis Vuitton’s artistic director, Virgil Abloh, designed the ball, so you can bet it looks as cool as it does special. The basketballs will be available later this month and retail for $2,210.

But it’s not just fashion Wilson is getting in on. The brand is expanding its reach in cool social initiatives, too, with partners like Black Wall Street and the Thunder Fellows Program. The Wilson x Black Wall Street program was made in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the 1921 Tulsa Massacre. It included some limited-edition collection basketballs, and 100 percent of the profits were benefited the local Tulsa YMCA.

Wilson’s work with the Thunder Fellows expands this commitment even further. The program is meant to expand access to data and analytics education for Black youth in Tulsa. It is meant to make a lasting change: education that creates opportunities for work, a new network of people, and access to internships and jobs. It is exactly the kind of change we have been demanding of the brands we support. It’s more than just making good clothes—it’s also about making a difference.

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