Woman banned from family gathering after her nan secretly discovered her OnlyFans account & people think it’s hysterical

A WOMAN revealed she’s been banned from family gatherings after her gran found her OnlyFans account. 

The woman, called Ava Louise, shared a text she received from her mum, informing her she’s banned from the family’s next big event – Easter. 

Ava asked ‘why’ – only to be told her nan subscribed to her racy OnlyFans account. 

She shared a clip of the exchange to TikTok, with her mum saying: “You’re not allowed to come to family Easter this year. 

“Your aunt and grandma subscribed to your only fans page to see what is on there. 

“She is hysterical.”

But Ava snapped back at her mum, fuming: “Tell grandma I said thanks for the money. 

“It’s more than she’s spent on me in years can’t remember the last time I got $20 in a Christmas card.”

The video racked up more than four million views, as Ava said: “I’m laughing so hard.” 

And she shared a follow-up clip, showing herself in a sexy outfit, which she captioned: “I’m showing up to my family Easter exactly like this.”

People are in stitches over the embarrassing revelation, with people questioning what her gran expected to find. 

Commenting online, one person said: “At least they financially support your business.”

Someone else wrote: “What honestly did they expect? Arts and crafts for 12.99 a month?”

A third asked: “Who TOLD grandma?”

While this person added: “What did they think they were gonna see? Rainbows and unicorns?”

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