Woman begs for Christmas cards for ‘desperately lonely’ sister with Down’s Syndrome who’s been isolating since February – The Sun

THE SISTER of a woman with Down's Syndrome has begged Brits to send Christmas cards to her 'desperately lonely' sister, who has been in self-isolation since February.

Lindi Newman gave her plea on Facebook, explaining that her sister, Maryanne, was missing contact with the outside world.

Both Maryanne Pilling, 49, and her husband Tommy Pilling, 62, have Downs Syndrome.

Tommy was sadly also diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and the two have had to isolate together since February.

This has been incredibly lonely for Maryanne, which is why Lindi wants to cheer her sister up.

She wrote: "The reason for this post is to ask if anyone would like to send them a Christmas card to make them smile?"

Lindi continued: "They are so lonely and have had their favourite activities taken away (going out to play golf, the gym, manicures, farms, the zoo, bowling, cinema etc) They cannot mix with family (apart from me and they are fed up with me now).

"Receiving cards makes them so so happy!"

Lindi went on to explain that the P.O. Box address for Maryanne and Tommy will be ready to receive cards from Friday November 19th.

Maryanne and Tommy were Britain's first Down's Syndrome couple to get married and have been blissfully wed for 25 years.

But five years ago, Tommy developed dementia and sometimes forgets who is wife is.

Last year, Lindi told the Daily Express: "He’s forgotten who Maryanne is a handful of times.

"It always happens really late at night.  He pushes her away and says, 'I don’t know who you are' and 'I don’t love you'.

"Maryanne takes that to heart and is absolutely crushed and hysterical."

How can you send a Christmas card to Maryanne and Tommy?

The P.O. Box address below will be active from Friday November 19.

Maryanne and Tommy

P.O Box 6143

Southend on Sea


United Kingdom

Lindi hopes getting Christmas cards will raise Maryanne's spirits.

Already, people from all over the world have flocked to Maryanne and Tommy's Facebook, pledging to send a card as soon as they can.

One woman wrote: "I will be sending a card from the United States."

Someone else said: "Yay! One card from El Salvador (Pat de Ascencio) and one from The Netherlands coming up!"

Another chimed in: "I’ll be sending one from the Isle of Sheppey across the water from Southend."

While someone else put: "One card coming from Austria."

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