Woman called a ‘dirty wh**e’ by a stranger for wearing a vest top hits back with a defiant ‘cleavage selfie’

A WOMAN who was labelled a "dirty wh**e" for wearing a vest top in public has sparked a social media movement after sharing a defiant cleavage selfie online.

Twitter user "Celine B" was left horrified when a stranger in the street hurtled abuse at her for wearing a strappy top.

Sharing a photo of the outfit she was wearing at the time, the French woman wrote: "So according to the guy I just passed in the street, this top makes me me look like 'dirty w**e'.

"Mate, my breasts and I say f*** you."

Celine's post struck a chord with Twitter followers, who were quick to post photos of themselves wearing vests, bikinis, underwear and strapless tops in solidarity.

Using the hashtag "I Love My Cleavage", one user wrote: "Because I am a free woman, because our grandmothers fought for freedom."

Addressing Celine's harasser directly, another added: "Dear Sir, it's 2019. This subject should longer be part of our news."

Sharing a photo of herself in a similar vest top, a third wrote: "My breasts and I beat cancer and we didn't do it to get hassle."

"Because we can wear every clothes we want without having to hide or having judgement", another user replied.

Similarly, one woman pointed out that his actions were spurred by "jealousy" as the man "would live to have what he will never have".

Last year, France introduced a law allowing authorities to issue immediate fines to those guilty of sexual harassment.

The strict new legislation includes catcalling, stalking, commenting on a person's appearance or asking intrusive and uncomfortable questions.


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