Woman gets her unsuspecting grandparents to design her latest tattoo for her and it’s left people in tears

ONE woman asked her grandparents for drawings which she ended up getting made into tattoos, and her grandparents had no idea.

Emily McNeil, 23, from Ireland revealed that she managed to get a drawing of all four grandparents.

Taking to her TikTok account Emily showed how she approached each grandparent for a small drawing, in a heartwarming post.

Posting under the domain @emilymcneill the woman said: "I got all of my grandparents to design my new tattoo without them knowing."

The granddaughter showed the small sticky note pad she handed each grandparent with "draw a small flower" written on it.

Each of her grandparents put effort into their drawings, although unaware of what Emily was using them for.


Emily showed how the four flowers were lined up and transferred to a stencil in a tattoo parlor before being transferred to her arm.

The woman has yet to upload her grandparent's reactions but has promised this as a follow-up post.

The post, which has been viewed 3.6 million times in the past 48 hours has been met with a range of comments, with many TikTok users commenting about how adorable the idea is.

"Real tears, I need their reaction" commented one person.

"Crying, I love this idea" commented another.

"I HATE tattoos but this is absolutely adorable. Imagine when they're gone how lovely it will be. What a great idea" a third TikTok user commented.

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