Woman gives her mum a very risqué looking present for Christmas – and her gran is horrified

A GRAN looked on in horror as her granddaughter presented her mum with a very risqué looking present – which resembled a sex toy. 

The woman wrapped up gifts for her mum, and as a joke decided to add a little extra wrapping paper onto one of the gifts – so it resembled the shape of a Rampant Rabbit. 

The woman shared a clip to TikTok showing her handing over the hilariously-shaped present to her mum – in front of her nan. 

The older woman looks on in horror, with a knowing expression as she thinks she can tell what’s been wrapped up. 

The clip has been viewed more than 23 million times, as the prankster said: “Christmas 2020 = ruined.

“Does anyone wanna guess what I got my mum for Christmas.” 

The woman says her mum is “not as innocent as she seems”, as she also thought she was unwrapping an X-rated gift, as she says: “I’ve got batteries in the drawer”.

The woman claimed the “atmosphere wasn’t great”, after the prank, as she finally revealed what she’d wrapped for her mum – a bottle of spray. 

After the clip went viral, she said: “Why do people think I’d actually give that to my mam.

“Maybe for her birthday.” 

Thousands of people have commented on the hilarious present exchange, with one person saying: “Tell me why it’s GRANDMA who seems to know what it is.” 

Someone else wrote: “Oh grandma know know knows.”

A third commented: “That face was priceless.” 

While this person pointed out: “The fact that grandma knew what it was before your mom.”

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