Woman goes viral for wearing flesh-coloured leggings… that make her look NAKED

Why? Because you'll end up looking like you've forgotten your trousers.

Over on Facebook, a mind-bending photo has gone viral for that very reason.

It's all very innocent, showing a woman pushing a trolley as she browses a supermarket's shelves.

But at first glance, it looks shockingly explicit.

Her bottom half appears entirely naked… thanks to her flesh-coloured leggings.

As expected, the head-scratching post has racked up thousands of comments.

Messages include: "Thought she didn't have pants on till I looked at her ankles," and: "Honestly thought she was naked waist down."

And that's not the only bizarre thing about the photo – it's also been noted that the person sitting in the trolley seems a little too old to be getting pushed around.

The poster added the caption: "We were all so concerned with her pants we didn't notice the 175 month old in the buggy!"

What a confusing situation.

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