Woman in hysterics after gran accidently buys a rude Christmas jumper – but she’s not the only one with X-rated clothes

A THRIFTY gran thought she'd bagged the bargain of a lifetime afternabbing a cosy Christmas jumper for just 50p.

But Carolyn Hallam, 53, from Nottingham, was mortified when she later realised that her new festive cardigan features some very rude looking reindeer.

The grandmother-of-three purchased her festive reindeer outfit from a car boot sale in her hometown and was excited to show it off.

But Carolyn couldn't believe her eyes when she tried it on at home and discovered that the reindeer appear to be having sex with each other.

Her daughter, Abigail Hallam, 29, also from Nottingham, was in hysterics, finding her mum's blunder hilarious.

So much so that she shared snaps of the charity shop find on social media where thousands of others were left amused.

Explaining what had happened, Abigail said: "We love to find bargains at the car boot sales and so mum was extremely pleased to have found a Christmas jumper for 50p in the summer last year.

"She picked it up and had a quick look and realised it was a Christmas jumper so she thought it would be okay to wear for work.

"We always go through what we have bought from the car boot and have a proper look once we get home. Mum realised after holding it up to look at the pattern properly.

"She then tried it on and proudly asked me' do you like my Christmas cardigan?'

“I didn't notice at first and said 'ooh yes, it's lovely' then she asked what I thought of the pattern and I burst out laughing!”

Thankfully, Carolyn, who works as a teaching assistant, was able to see the funny side of the situation.

Abigail added: "When mum realised it was actually a rude Christmas jumper, she laughed out loud and thought it was hilarious.

“She was relieved that she saw what was on it before wearing it to work in a primary school! After we realised it was rude she was even more pleased with her bargain!”

But believe it or not she's not the only one who has innocently picked up an item of clothing before realising it looks VERY different on.

One bloke modelled his new festive jumper only to realise the unicorn plastered on the front had a very visible willy.

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