Woman reveals the correct way to decorate a Christmas tree quickly & you’ve definitely been doing it wrong

A WOMAN has revealed how she decorates her Christmas tree to ensure that it always grows brightly – and you have definitely been doing it wrong.

TikTok user Kelly Fitzsimons demonstrated how she adds fairy lights to her festive fir to avoid having any dark or dingy patches so commonly seen on trees.

She explains that she begins with three sets of 2,000 cluster lights, but rather than simply going round each of the branches, she starts by circling the trunk.

Speaking on her video, she says: “I just push the lights into the base of my tree, the whole way up the trunk.

“There’s no particular way of doing this, you just lay them on top of the branches. Once you are taking these off your tree they just pull off they’re so easy to get off.”

Kelly points out that another mistake that people make when hanging their lights is taking them all the way around the tree. 

She continues: “As you can see I’m not walking around the tree, I’m going from left to right and right to left once you have them done you’re going to go on to each individual branch of your tree in a zig zag shape catching each corner underneath a bit of pine. 

“I do it a bit looser here and you can see exactly what shape I do and then you work on the tree from left to right and right to left, don’t walk around it.

“I do one half with 2,000 lights and I can do the second half with the other 2,000 and it’s nice and bright.”

The end result sees the tree glowing from the inside out with fairy lights, leaving Kelly’s 3.8 million viewers seriously impressed.

One wrote: “Ohhh this looks so lovely!!!”

“That tree looks stunning,” agreed another, while a third wrote, “I cannot tell you how delighted I am that I found this video.”

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