Woman shares ‘most amazing’ hack to keep cool in the heat – and it won’t cost you a penny | The Sun

IT may have cooled down after the 40 degree temperatures earlier this week, but there's already talk of another heatwave on the way in August.

And in preparation for some hotter weather en route, one woman has shared a clever and free hack to help you cool down in seconds.

Jenna Shari took to her TikTok page to explain her trick, which involves getting a piece of kitchen towel and placing it in the freezer.

"I want to show you the most amazing hack for keeping cool," she began.

"And honestly it's so f**kng cheap. In fact, you don't need to spend any money on it at all.

"You just need one sheet of kitchen roll. Completely wet it, put it in the freezer and then like half an hour later you've got this – which is like a cool towel.

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"Oh my God, it's so nice."

And the hack doesn't only work for people either.

"I use them to lay them on my dog as well," Jenna explained.

"And she doesn't mind at all because they're so light, they barely weigh anything."

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Concluding her video, Jenna said: "The best thing is, once they've lost their cool you can just put them straight back in the freezer.

"You don't even need to use a new one – you can just put the same one back in the freezer."

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"Literal life savers in this heat," Jenna captioned her video.

Her clip has been watched over 4,000 times since she posted it.

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