Woman slammed for ‘living in 1940’ after saying wives should wear dresses and tidy the house to keep their man happy

A WOMAN has shocked the internet after she uploaded a video sharing her tips on how to keep a man happy.

Posting to TikTok under the username girlygirluk, the woman shared her controversial advice, which people have slammed for being outdated.

"A man isn't really hard to please," she said in the video, which has thousands of views.

"Feed him, kiss him, wear dresses, get flirty, be his best friend, make home a paradise, shower compliments."

Responding to a comment on her video, she said the reason women should wear dresses is because "men like them more".


She even went on to say that keeping a man happy is "not so hard" to do.

Viewers have flooded the comment section, unhappy with the advice she is giving her followers.

Many people have said she is living in the wrong decade, with one person saying she is "living in 1940".

Another added: "Babe this isn't the 1900s. A man's happiness isn't our job. Please progress and grow."

Others compared her tips to looking after a baby or even a house plant.

"You forgot to change him, burp him, read him a bedtime story," one commenter joked.

Another tongue-in-cheek comment reads: "Makes sure y'all water him once a week too and check that he's getting enough sunlight or else he'll wither and get crunchy."

A different commenter said that even when women do follow this advice, it doesn't always work.

"A lot of women do this and their men still don't appreciate it," they said.

And one husbanded added: "Yeah I'm not really into all that. My wife is my best friend, but she's also my intellectual equal. And I feed her!"

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