Woman tweets a photo of her nipple covers and asks baffled men to guess what they are

This can leave our partners mystified by the weird and wonderful things women use, from eyelash curlers to spandex.

And another object of mystery appears to be nipple covers.

A tweet has gone viral of a woman sharing a photo of flesh-coloured daisy pasties, asking men if they could identify what they were.

Twitter user @cxffeinated said: “Since men know everything. What are these?”

And the answers are hilarious.

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From mash potato to frog spawn, it seems some men really are baffled by this fashion accessory.

One interesting guess was: “Hand warmers, easy.”

Another thought they might be concealer, which one man thought they would be mozzarella sticks.

This bloke said: “Do you use them to make unsteady tables steady.”

One woman said: “According to my boyfriend: ‘It’s difficult to tell without some kind of scale… Are those frog eggs?’”

Another food-related answer was ‘custard tarts’, and this man said ‘raw chicken’.

This girl tweeted: “My man said mash potato.”

A good guess, this man said: “Wax melts, our lass uses them all the time.

“’Caribbean Peach’ flavour by the looks of them.”

This possibly could work, this man said: “Puncture repair kits.”

Others were still in the dark, but had learned if you throw them at surfaces they stick.

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