Woman who claims her car was ‘marked’ at Tesco Express shares ‘scary’ warning for female drivers

A WOMAN who claims her car was "marked" at Tesco Express has shared a "scary" warning for other female drivers.

Posting on her TikTok acount, the unnamed woman explained how she nipped to the shops while driving home from work on her own earlier this week.

She said: "I parked in the car park and went in. I was literally no longer than a couple of minutes and I've come back out and all my window wipers on my car had been pulled upright."

Trying not to panic, the woman initially assumed she'd nudged the windscreen wipers at the back of the car by mistake before going into the shop at roughly 4pm.

"But the front of my car was facing a brick wall," she said. "There was no way that could have happened by me or by itself."

She continued: "I've seen a few things going round on Facebook to say that people's cars get marked – whether it was someone trying to attack me, break into my car. God knows."

Fighting the urge to get away as quickly as possible, the woman made a "big scene" about her windscreen wipers.

She added: "I was shouting like, 'Oh my god this is so weird', just to make sure if there was anyone there then they knew I was there.

"I think it's really important to let each other know to look out for these signs.

"I thought I'd come on here and let everyone know because if I can prevent anything bad happening to anyone I will. If this happens to you please don't get in your car."

I came back out and all my window wipers on my car had been pulled upright. The front of my car was facing a brick wall. There was no way that could have happened by me or by itself.

In the caption of the clip, the woman revealed that she'd reported the incident to the police.

The video has been viewed by over 695,000 people and other female drivers thanked the woman for sharing her experience.

"They marked your car," one user replied. "So one person watches to find either a single woman or vulnerable people."

Another added: "As someone who works at a Tesco Express, please feel free to come back and get a member of staff we will come out with you and make sure you're okay."

A third wrote: "Can we literally do anything without having to do a double-take?"

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