Woman’s boyfriend proposes with the SAME ring he used to ask his ex ask to marry him… and wedding shamers roast her for not dumping him – The Sun

A WOMAN has been slammed for not dumping her boyfriend after he proposed using the ring he bought to ask his ex to marry him.

She revealed he got down on one knee two years ago with the second-hand-ring.

Before she realised he picked up the ring for his previous girlfriend, she agreed to marry him.

But she changed her mind after he confessed the ring’s true origin – but still stayed with him.

She shared the ring’s backstory online, saying: “My boyfriend tried to propose with this ring two years ago.

“I said yes at first but after finding out he bought it for his ex I said no his proposal.

“Now, two years later, I’m still with him but I will NEVER forget that he gave me this ring and probably won’t accept a proposal any time soon.”

And she jokingly added: “And yes, I know I need a new mani.”

Her snap of the ring ended up on Facebook group That’s It I’m Ring Shaming, where she was roasted for not dumping him.

The post has racked up more than 200 comments, as people advised her to ditch her penny-pinching boyfriend.

One person said: “That’s mad disrespect! You are a new woman and he should have got a ring that was specifically designed for you.”

Someone else commented: “Honestly that is so tacky… You deserve a better ring and a better man.”

A third wrote: “You don’t need a new mani, you need a new man!”

This person asked: “Why do you still have the boyfriend?”

Another person commented: “Reusing a ring… That’s just… Ouch!”

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