Woman's chilling warning after stranger tracked phone for THOUSANDS of miles- here’s how to see if it’s happening to you

HOW many notifications do you get on your phone everyday? 50? 100? For some, it's probably even more.

So naturally, you're not going to give your full attention to each and every little thing that pops up on your screen.

However, this TikTok user has issued a terrifying warning after a bizarre iPhone notification revealed she'd been tracked by a stranger for THOUSANDS of miles.

In a series of viral videos, Angel explained how she flew 2,0000 miles from her home in Texas to Maine earlier this month to move some of her belongings.

She explained: "Shortly after I landed in Massachusetts, I got this notification on my phone.

"So it basically said an unknown accessory was detected near me and it was first seen with me at 8:45 that morning when I was in Texas in Walmart on the other side of the country."


Naturally, the woman tapped the option to remove the mysterious device – but it kept showing up with an error message saying it was unable to connect to the server.

At the bottom of the screen, there is a message urging people to contact the police if they feel their safety is at risk.

She added: "But I'm going to need the serial number of the device tracking me for them to shut it off anyway."

The following morning, Angel got another notification telling her that the "item has been moving with you for a while" and informing her the "owner can see its location".

On the Find My app, the TikTok star could see that her movements from the past day had been tracked on a map.

And every time the person checked her location, a red dot appeared in the location she was at the time.

She continued: "At this point, I searched all of my belongings, everything I travelled with was in my vehicle at the time and I couldn't find a tracker."

Understandably panicked, Angel turned off her Bluetooth and location services to try and get rid of the tracker.

At first, she thought this approach had worked – that is, until she got another notification a few hours later saying her location had been viewed again.

Angel then started asking for help on her Instagram Stories which prompted a guy friend to tell her about his sibling's experience.

She continued: "He told me his little sister has had these exact same notifications come in to her phone a couple weeks ago.

"She ended up finding an Apple AirTag under her license plate. So I don't know if this is the new sex trafficking method but please look out for your loved ones, be extra careful and search your belongings if you get these notifications."

A friend told me his little sister has had these exact same notifications come in to her phone a couple weeks ago. She ended up finding an Apple AirTag under her license plate.

In a follow-up video, Angel explained how she eventually found an AirTag stuck to the inside of the roof her duffle bag which had been disguised with double-sided tape.

In hindsight, Angel realised her bag was near the sliding window in her truck which allowed the person to place the tracker.

She added: "I have not received any more of those notifications since it was removed."

What's more, the TikToker urged followers with Android phones to download the AirGuard app in order to also receive the tracking notifications.

Needless to say, Angel's followers rallied around her in the comments and urged her to go to the police.

One wrote: "Apple tracks everyone who owns an AirTag. Go to the police, the creep is sure to be in their system."

Another added: "Thank you for the information! I'm an Android user so I'll be downloading that right away."

"IN YOUR DUFFLE BAG," a third wrote. "Omg I'm shook. So glad you're okay."

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