You can now get an electric blanket for your car… and it's a total must for the chilly winter months

And while it's normally a struggle to prise ourselves away from the warmth of our homes at this time of year we have found just the thing to keep you cosy on your travels.

  • Stalwart 12 Volt Plaid Electric Blanket, £35 from Amazon – buy now

Yes you can now officially get an electric blanket that plugs into your car.

Available in both black and red plaid, this £35 electric polyester blanket is the easiest way to stay toasty en route to your grannie's house this winter.

Forget temperamental car heating, this must-have plaid blanket simply plugs into your cigarette lighter (or any other 12 volt power outlet) and can be used in any vehicle. Winning.

So whether you're trying to get ahead of the traffic by driving in the middle of the night or simply have a friend sitting in the passenger seat, we can't think of any way to make your car more snug.

And while it may not be the cheapest blanket on the market, this Stalwart design is over 2.5 METRES long.

In other words, it's big enough to drape across your entire backseat if you fancy a quick nap.

Or if you're anything like us, just fancy being snuggled up in a warm blanket when you're feeling too lazy to even walk to the shops. Sold.

For even more toasty purchases, you can now buy extremely long hot water bottles that are THREE times the size of normal ones and star warm for up to eight hours.

And if you really want to spend the chilly months feeling toasty, there is a new foot warmer heating pad on sale that looks just like a mini sleeping bag – and it looks incredible.

You can get hold of the foot warmer for £45, which may sound a little pricey, but could transform your life if we are going to experience the coldest winter for a decade, as experts predict.

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