You can now get fizzy prosecco bath bombs for just £8 – and they're all we want this Christmas

Well brace yourself pampering fanatics because you can now purchase a bath bomb that combines our love of the two…

  • Prosecco Bath Bombs, £8 from Firebox – buy now

Yes Firebox are currently flogging Prosecco-scented bath bombs for just £8.

And we don't know about you but they've gone straight to the top of our Christmas lists this year.

Available to buy in packs of 10, these heavenly bath bombs are a total must for any diehard prosecco fans in your life.

Promising to leave you basting in "hydrating, bubbly glitter" water, these super luxurious bath bombs will leave your bathroom scented with the heavenly fragrance of prosecco.

What's more, these boozy bath bombs are also infused with coconut oil to hydrate and nourish the skin which Firebox promised will leave "a healthy glow when you finally dare to part with your dream bath".

Sounds like an absolute dream.

But before we gift them all to our friends this festive season, we're going to take one for the team by trying them out ourselves… you know, in the name of research obvs.

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