You can now get paid £400 to test cocktails at home – and you don’t even need to send a CV

WE’VE all probably had a few extra drinks over the last few months, but if you’ve developed a nose for flavours you can now get paid for your new-found expertise. 

A company is looking to pay someone up to £400 to drink cocktails from the comfort of their own home.

Boozy Events need feedback on the new menu for their cocktail making class, and have eight drinks they want reviewed. 

The company will send out all the ingredients and equipment you’ll need to whip up some delicious drinks – and you get to keep everything they send you. 

The lucky applicant will get paid £100 per session to taste and test four drinks, and if the recipe needs tweaking you’ll get to give feedback on the revamped cocktails as well. 

Explaining the new role, Boozy Events said: “We’ve been hard at work developing new cocktail recipes for our brand new online cocktail making class experience and we’re almost ready to go public, we just need people like you who love cocktails to tell us what you think.

“Unlike serving up cocktails in a bar environment, we need to make sure our cocktails are as equally enjoyable to create as they are to drink. 

“Plus, we need to make sure our new packaging, equipment and ingredients can survive the journey from our bar to yours.”

The lucky applicant will be expected to rate the drinks on flavour, presentation, packaging and whether they learned a new skill. 

To apply you must be over 18 but don’t need any formal bartending experience, just “a passion for cocktails and can document their experience sufficiently”. 

While you don’t need to send a CV or cover letter over, but must upload a review of a recent drink you had, along with a photo. 

Applications are open until October 22, and you can apply here.

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