You have 20/20 vision if you can spot two tiny differences in these pictures in less than ten seconds | The Sun

READERS might be able to say that they have 20/20 vision if they can spot the tools in the fiendishly challenging brain teaser.

Players are rushing to find the hidden items in this mind-bending puzzle in under 10 seconds.

The picture, created by Hammonds Fitted Furniture, shows an array of items, including bleach, an iron, pairs of rubber gloves, and baskets.

Sponges, dusters, bars of soap, and dustpans have been added to the busy picture.

But, hidden in the picture, are two items you wouldn’t probably associate with cleaning.

Can you spot the screwdriver and hammer?

Those that are struggling should cast their eyes to the bottom of the picture where they should be able to spot the screwdriver.

Eyes should be drawn to the big feather duster; from there, they should be able to see the hammer.

Only one in five people can apparently solve the puzzle in less than 40 seconds, but why not see if you can find the items within just 10 seconds?

If that puzzle was too easy, see if you can spot the two lost dogs in this park scene.

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