You have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot the cat hiding among the skyscrapers in 10 seconds | The Sun

YOU could have the eyes of a hawk if you can find the cat that's hiding among the skyscrapers in just 10 seconds.

The picture shows rows of black and white tower blocks that are of different shapes and sizes.

The skyscrapers feature intricate patterns, making the illusion trickier to solve.

Speedy Redditors said they managed to identify the cat within five to ten seconds, but some found it tricky to find the animal.

One user said: “Omg took me forever.”

Another admitted: “This took me longer than I’d like to admit.”

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And, a third person seemed to admit defeat as they said: “Can’t find it.”

Viewers that are struggling to find the moggy may want to cast their eyes under the word “Can”.

There you should be able to make out the cat’s heads and whiskers.

Eagle-eyed viewers claimed they managed to spot the animal within seconds.

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One boasted: “I found it instantly, lol.”

While, another didn’t think the puzzle was challenging as they said: “Found it way too fast.”

Critics appeared to be disappointed that the puzzle seemed to be “too easy”.

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While the average time it takes is 36 seconds, the quickest time to beat is just four.

So how long will it take you to spot the lone animal hiding with the people?

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