You thought the women left looking like The Hulk thanks to their fake tan fail were bad, wait until you see these

REMEMBER the women who ended up resembling The Hulk due to their epic fake tan fail?

The unfortunate pals will go down as a cautionary tale for other beauty lovers – but they aren’t the only ones to mess up their tanning routine in a BIG way.

After being told that their first spray tans would leave them "a slightly different colour", Laura Denton and Rosie Berry, both 29, from North Yorkshire, were shocked when they looked at themselves in the mirror.

The duo visited a salon near their home hoping to return home a gorgeous glowing shade – but instead were left looking "dark brown" and "green" and resembling The Hulk.

Despite having wasted their money on a spray tan, Laura admits that it was ‘worth it’ for the hilarious memory that they now have.

Here are some of the other big tan fails…

‘Dorito’ drama

One fake tan novice ended up looking like a "walking Dorito" for two WEEKS after her attempt to restore her summer glow spectacularly backfired.

Although Ellena Brice, 18, is no stranger to a spray tan, this was her first time using fake tan products at home.

The make-up artist, from Orpington, Greater London, was following her pal's advice when she purchased the darkest shade in the range.

Despite slathering it all over her skin and leaving it on for the recommended time, Ellena didn't know whether to laugh or cry when the tan turned her bright orange. Awks.

‘Worzel Gummidge’

Janice Evans, 38, slapped on a couple of layers of tan in a bid to cheer herself up, she wasn't expecting to end up as dark as she did – and her friends thought it was absolutely hilarious.

Deciding to go one shade darker than she normally does, the mum-of-four applied the

£2.99 bottle of St Moriz Darker Than Dark lotion, but within minutes her skin had turned a very dark shade of brown.

Quickly noticing it was already darker than intended, the 38-year-old mum acted quickly in removing the colour – but even after three long showers and lathering her body in baby oil, she was still left looking a very unnatural shade of orange three days later.

Finding the humour in her tanning disaster, the mum posted photos to Facebook, where she was labelled "Worzel Gummidge" by her mates.

Green machine

A mum turned bright green after using out-of-date fake tan – leaving pals saying she looked like the Wicked Witch of the West.

Jenni Coleman claims friends teased she was a dead ringer for The Wizard of Oz's infamous villain and Grotbags from the 1990s' kids TV show after revealing her tanning disaster.

Mum-of-two Jenni, 35, had slapped on a couple of layers of fake tan while enjoying a glass of wine and despite noticing a slight green tint 'cracked on'.

The following morning Jenni almost sobbed when she caught sight of herself in the bathroom mirror and realised she was bright green from head to toe.

Jenni said she's unsure what caused the tanning disaster, but believes she may have picked a bottle from the back of her fake tan stash that had been there longer than recommended.

What's glowing on?

Oh eye say!



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