You'll Want to Be a Baby-Sitters Club Member After Seeing All Their Outfits

You’ll Want to Be a Baby-Sitters Club Member After Seeing All Their Outfits

Netflix’s reboot of The Baby-Sitters Club is both nostalgic and heartwarming, but it’s also filled with some memorable fashion. Just like the original book series, the show follows a group of friends — Kristy (Sophie Grace), Mary Anne (Malia Baker), Claudia (Momona Tanada), Stacey (Shay Rudolph), and Dawn (Xochitl Gomez) — who decide to run a local babysitting service. While their various leadership skills all bring something special to the club, they also have very different personalities, which costume designer Cynthia Summers portrays through their outfits.

The club’s president, Kristy, is often seen wearing sporty outfits like joggers and a baseball cap, which Summer points out, she probably borrowed from her older brothers. As Mary Anne lives a sheltered life with her widowed father, her outfits are much-more reserved with plaid dresses and turtlenecks. Like the books, Claudia is definitely the fashionista of the group with outfits as inventive as her art work. An NYC native, Stacey always looks sophisticated and chic with berets, topcoats, and a staple of black and white pieces in her wardrobe. On the flip side, Cali girl Dawn is much more relaxed with her looks, wearing flannel one day and a boho dress the next.

When we were younger, we all found ourselves drawn to a specific character in the books, and you’ll definitely feel that way watching the new series. (I’m personally a mix between Claudia and Mary Anne myself.) As you dive into the series and fall in love with the characters, see some of the best outfits ahead.

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