You’re washing your hair all wrong – only do it TWICE a week if you want longer locks, expert claims

WE may have stopped bothering with make-up and proper clothes in lockdown – but the one thing that still makes us feel "normal" is our daily hair wash routine.

But while it might feel refreshing to have squeaky clean locks, it turns out our vigorous hair washing could impact how quickly it grows in the long-term.

Journalist Alexa Serowik posts about her hair growth journey as part of TikTok's "HairTok" trend and recently revealed she only washes her long locks twice a week.

In a viral video which has been viewed by over 900,0000 people, Alexa said she grew her hair down to her waist by not washing it every day.

Responding to followers' comments, Alexa wrote: "You have to start training your hair.

"[It's] really important for hair growth – your hair will adjust to less washing and produce less grease."

Naturally, everyone's hair is slightly different – but unless you have a particularly oily scalp, you probably don't need to wash it everyday.

Explaining how daily shampooing can hinder hair growth, hairdresser Julien Farel told GQ: "It will strip your scalp of all its natural oils and can lead to dry, brittle hair."

Instead, the expert agrees with Alexa and recommends washing hair just twice a week and rinsing it with water if you've worked out.

However, people in the comments struggled to get on board with the drastic change to their routines.

How often should you wash your hair?

In short, how often you wash your hair each week all depends on your hair type and lifestyle, experts claim.

However, there are a few helpful hints and tricks for washing your locks the optimum amount – and the less you wash your hair, the less you will have to in the long run.

As a general rule, if your hair is dry, you should wash your hair a maximum of twice a week, while oilier hair can be washed more frequently – as and when needed.

And when it comes to washing, try not to shampoo the ends of your hair, just let the shampoo rinse through them to prevent extra drying.

Washing your hair everyday is routine for some – but it could be doing more harm than good.

Justin Anderson, a celebrity hairstylist, told Byrdie: "Overwashing your hair – which means every day or more – will dry out your hair, not only because you are stripping the hair of its natural oils, but also because you will probably end up using heat on the hair more often as well."


Another joked: "As Simon Cowell once said, 'it's a no from me…'"

However, a third gushed: "OMG yes I wash my hair on Sundays and Wednesdays. I can't imagine doing it everyday – it's so time-consuming."

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