You've been planting flowers all wrong – gardener shares hack that means you can grow plants with NO digging

GETTING your garden into shape can be a huge task, with the backbreaking digging needed to plant new crops taking hours out of your day.

However, one gardener has revealed that there’s no need to exhaust yourself with the shovel as you can grow plants without digging.

TikTok user Liam, who runs the account whatsgrowinon, often shares his simple gardening tips with his 63,000 strong following.

In a recent video, which has received over 400,000 views, the gardener revealed his tips for growing plants without digging.

Speaking in the video, he explained: “Did you know that you don’t have to dig or till the soil?

“First you want to collect up your old cardboard boxes and make sure they have no tape on them, you want to be using boxes with as little ink on them as possible.

“Lay them in the desired shape you want your flower bed to be, make sure they overlap 

“If it’s your lawn or long grass, give it a strim or a mow first, then get the cardboard nice and wet.

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“Using a fork or a knife poke some holes in the cardboard just for a little bit of drainage then start to pile up your topsoil or compost.

“Using sheets of cardboard suppresses the weeds without having to till or dig over the soil.

“Digging the soil actually damages the microorganisms and mycelium in the soil.”

Liam added that you can give your plants an extra boost by adding mycorrhizal fungi to the soil.

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