Zoe Kratvitz Debuts Her Dazzling & Unique Engagement Ring At Fantastic Beasts 2 Premiere — Pics

Zoe may have stunned in a strapless black and pink gown, but not even her daring dress could distract from her rock! Take a look at the gorgeous engagement ring, as well as her other premiere looks!

Zoe Kravitz, 29, keeps upstaging herself! The actress admitted that she was engaged the same day she copied her mom’s nude Rolling Stone cover — and now she’s arriving to the Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald premiere with a gorgeous engagement ring that’s stealing the show. As excited as fans are about the next installment of the iconic series, who can even think about Newt Scamander when Zoe’s flaunting silver and gold bands on her ring finger? She had it on full display as she posed with her fiance in Paris on Nov. 8, her hand pressed to Karl Glusman‘s chest. The actress was wearing a sequined strapless dress that was black on bottom and pink on top, complete with a huge bow in the back. With her hair pulled back and pink earrings in, Zoe looked incredible! And so did Karl in a classic suit.

So why did Zoe ditch her engagement ring at the London premiere five days later? She wore another shiny strapless gown, but this one was pink all the way down to the floor and featured a ruffled waist. The actress did have a ring on, but it was green to match her earrings — and not on the right finger. No engagement bands in sight! Karl was also missing from the event. We can’t help but wonder why Zoe would leave both off of the carpet her second time around. Yes, she looked as beautiful as ever, but she was missing her best accessories!

There’s no doubt these two are A-okay, though. Whether her ring was MIA or not, there’s no denying how sweet Zoe and Karl are together! She even reposted a shot of them at the Paris premiere the day before she hit the London red carpet. Aw!

Take a look at the gallery above to see both of her premiere looks with and without Karl in the gallery above! You can check out Zoe’s costars as well, from Eddie Redmayne, 36, to Johnny Depp, 55.

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