14 Epic Turkey Sandwiches to Make With Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

Jacques Pepin’s spin on the classic French sandwich calls for sliced turkey, cheddar cheese and baby spinach—and is even better stacked with Turkey Day leftovers like stuffing and vegetables. Get the recipe HERE. 

With a 9-inch hero roll, a little mayonaise and some baked French fries, Entourage‘s Jerry Ferrara turns Thanksgiving leftovers into an out-of-this-world hoagie.

Garlic-y, nutty pesto adds the perfect flavor revamp to leftover turkey.

Melty brie cheese pairs deliciously with leftover cranberry and turkey.

Okay, we admit it: We’re seriously obsessed with the cranberry-turkey-brie trifecta, which is why we had to include this easy recipe that’s yummy any time of year.

If you feel like taking it easy – which is understanding after prepping and eating a gigantic Thanksgiving feast make this – 5-ingredient knockout.

We love that this overstuffed sandwich has mashed potatoes in it. Come to think of it, all sandwiches should have mashed potatoes in them.

Whip up an easy turkey salad mixed with crunchy almonds for a satisfying, sort-of nutritious post-holiday lunch.

Sandwiches that use waffles as bread = the best sandwiches.

Leftover turkey gravy is what brings this leftover-stuffed sandwich together – and makes the sandwich rolls deliciously soggy.

Crowned with a fried egg, these elegant open-faced turkey melts are perfect for brunch the next day.

How did we not think of stuffing bacon and goat cheese into our leftover turkey sandwiches sooner?

Dusting confectioners sugar on the top of these waffle sandwich bites will help you satisfy your sweet and salty cravings.

It’s impossible – impossible! – to go wrong with toppling all your leftovers onto a good piece of bread and melting cheese over the whole thing.

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