16 Instant Pot Recipes That Will Cost You Next to Nothing

Beef Ragu

Food can get pretty pricey, but if you plan ahead for your meals and get a little bit strategic, you’ll find you can save money in the long run — especially if you’ve got an Instant Pot. We already know that not eating out and properly meal prepping is the first step toward saving money, but what about those times when you’re really craving your favorite Mexican place or Chinese takeout? Let us help you. We have options for that! And they’ll all end up being cheaper than going out to eat, plus you’ll get the satisfaction of putting your own meal on the table.

With an Instant Pot, your meals come together so fast, it’s almost unbelievable. And by planning ahead, you’re not only saving valuable time, but you’re saving money, which just leaves you extra cash to buy the important things — like new shoes. Keep reading for 16 inexpensive Instant Pot recipes that’ll help you start your new shoe fund!

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