31 Simple No-Bake Thanksgiving Desserts to Try

Hosting Thanksgiving dinner is hectic, but isn’t that part of the thrill? There’s a select group of us that get a total rush from the stress of roasting a turkey to perfection, whipping up decadent mashed potatoes with zero lumps, making that homemade cranberry sauce from scratch that has just the right amount of sweetness, letting the marshmallows on top of the sweet potato pie singe just a hair — and pulling off the miraculous feat of having all of the above come together at the same time. Performing under pressure at it’s finest.

But what we don’t get a rush from is not having the oven space to make dinner and dessert. We’re miracle workers, sure — but if we don’t have space, we don’t have space. So if we can provide the fam with glorious desserts that don’t have to go in the oven, we’re all in.

These no-bake recipes take the hassle out of dessert, so we can focus on that perfect dinner instead.

A version of this story was originally published November 2015. 

Pumpkin spice puppy chow

Puppy chow is always a party hit, and this no-bake pumpkin spice version is no exception.

No-bake cranberry-orange bars

With fewer than 10 ingredients and no oven time required, these cranberry-orange bars couldn’t be easier.

No-bake pumpkin pie in a jar

Layers of pumpkin, cream cheese mousse and gingernsap crumbles make this dessert unforgettable.

No-bake cranberry jam tarts

Tart-sweet cranberries make up the filling of these tasty little no-bake tarts.

No-bake 2-layer pumpkin pie

Add some variety to your classic pumpkin pie with this no-bake 2-layer recipe.

No-bake pumpkin patties

Sweet and chewy, these no-cook pumpkin candies are a pretty end to your meal.

Vegan pecan pie bites

These no-bake pecan pie bites have all the flavor of your favorite holiday dessert, none of the cholesterol.

No-bake pumpkin-caramel cheesecake

This no-bake pumpkin cheesecake is set atop a gingersnap cookie crust and doused in pumpkin spice caramel.

No-bake pumpkin mousse pie

Silky and decadent, this no-bake pumpkin mousse pie is a Thanksgiving showstopper.

No-bake pumpkin cheesecake balls

Not a fan of pie? These no-bake pumpkin cheesecake balls are more like candy and oh so delicious.

Pumpkin dip

Use this sweet pumpkin dip as an excuse to add some fresh fruit to your holiday dessert spread.

No-bake caramel-apple cheesecake

These sweet, cinnamon-spiced, no-bake apple cheesecakes are an easy dessert for a crowd.

Individual no-bake pumpkin cheesecakes

Individual no-bake pumpkin cheesecakes will make everyone at your Thanksgiving dinner happy.

No-bake apple cobbler

Healthy as it is tasty, this no-bake apple cobbler can be had for dessert or breakfast.

No-bake paleo pumpkin cookies

Paleo adherents will rejoice when they’re served these tasty no-bake pumpkin cookies.

No-bake pumpkin cheesecake bars

Creamy, no-bake pumpkin cheesecake is even better in bar form.

No-bake cranberry-orange cheesecake

Cranberry-orange need not be relegated to garnish thanks to these no-bake cheesecakes.

No-bake paleo vegan pumpkin tarts

Not only won’t these tarts take up oven space, but they also won’t derail your healthy eating.

No-cook white chocolate-pumpkin fudge

End your night on a sweet note with this no-cook white chocolate-pumpkin fudge.

No-bake marshmallow-pumpkin pie

Fluffy and light, this no-bake pumpkin-marshmallow pie packs a sweet punch without feeling too heavy.

Mini pumpkin cheesecakes

Fifteen minutes are all you need for these decadent pumpkin cheesecakes with streusel topping.

No-bake cranberry pie with graham cracker crust

Light and fluffy, this cranberry pie is a seasonal delight.

Cappuccino icebox cake

Only six ingredients in this delightfully creamy creation.

Cannoli cheesecake

Holy cannoli! This yummy cheesecake takes four hours to set, but it’s worth the wait.

Pomegranate mousse

The deep, gorgeous colors of this pomegranate mousse scream fall.

Sparkling cranberry-orange cheesecake

This cheesecake is as beautiful to look at as it is yummy to eat.

Pumpkin spice eclair cake

Everyone will love the pumpkin-spiced cream filling in this no-bake eclair cake.

Pumpkin icebox cake

This recipe puts a tasty spin on an old classic.

Caramel apple pudding with gingersnaps

Brown Eyed Baker had us at caramel apple.

Eggnog Cheesecake

Finally, it’s eggnog season! This no-bake cheesecake almost seems too good to be true.

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