Absolutely Nobody Is Thankful for This Turkey Coated in Flamin' Hot Cheetos

Have you ever thought, “I really love turkey, and I really love Flamin’ Hot Cheetos; maybe I should put them together? “

Uh, yeah, us either. But some creative soul at Reynolds Kitchen had that exact thought and created the Flavor Blasted Turkey, which is a bird coated in crushed Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

The questionable recipe has caused strong reactions on Twitter: some people low key love the idea while others think the dish is an abomination.

I would be thrilled if someone would make me a Hot Cheetos turkey and serve it with sides of Thanksgiving Pringles, fwiw.

Why, why, WHY?!?!? Poor turkey. Such a shameful way to go; naked, rolled in Cheetos .

“This Hot Cheetos turkey recipe has divided many 🔥” https://t.co/EZ1oDUGC56 pic.twitter.com/keJhPFEn3D

Unfortunately, we can’t settle the debate on whether this is the world’s best or worst idea. But we can say that coating turkey with spicy Cheetos could potentially land you in the emergency room on Thanksgiving.

Dr. Robert Glatter, emergency physician at Lenox Hill Hospital and Men’s Health advisor, explains to MensHealth.com that eating spicy foods like Flamin’ Hot Cheetos increases acid in your stomach, which could cause inflammation of the stomach lining, or gastritis. The nausea, abdominal pain, and burning accompanying the condition may send some to the emergency room for medical assistance.

Mix that spicy turkey with alcohol, which also increases stomach acid, and your chance of developing gastritis and its fiery symptoms increases.

Others may think the red they see in their stool or their vomit caused by peppers in the cheesy concoction is blood, says Glatter. But a trip to the ER may reveal that you’re suffering from nothing more than one too many red-colored cheese curls.

Although Glatter advises sticking to your traditional cooking methods, there will be some adventurous eaters, judging from the Twitter comments. If you do feel compelled to dip your turkey in spicy cheese dust, be aware that it doesn’t take much to feel sick. That’s because “the spice can settle into the meat, so you’re eating more than what’s just on the surface of the turkey,” says Glatter. Plus, you can’t discount the handfuls snacked on while prepping the bird.

“It’s a recipe for disaster in my mind, creating a perfect storm for an ER visit on Thanksgiving,” he says. The hospital is the last place you want to be on any day, but particularly not on Thanksgiving. Play it safe and stick with regular turkey.

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