Adele's Recent Weight Loss Is Mainly Due To The Sirtfood Diet

  • Adele has made headlines with her recent weight loss.
  • The singer-songwriter reportedly lost almost 50 pounds primarily due to diet, according to one trainer who worked with her.
  • Adele reportedly followed the Sirtfood Diet, which allows for red wine and chocolate.

Adele got ahead of the “New Year, new you” trend and revealed her nearly 50-pound weight loss in 2019. She first made headlines at Drake’s birthday party and a recent Caribbean vacation, per Page Six, but has yet to speak publicly about her weight loss.

The secret to Adele’s slimmer physique, according to personal trainer and Pilates instructor Camila Goodis, is not hours spent at the gym, but a complete overhaul in her regular diet. Goodis met the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter during a training session with Adele’s friend and former X-Factor judge Adya Field. While the “Someone Like You” singer is not currently one of Goodis’ clients, the trainer believes that “90 percent” of Adele’s weight loss is a result of a change in her diet, including eliminating processed food, sugar, and soda.

“I don’t believe she liked exercise much, but she has changed her lifestyle,” Goodis told The Sun. “Giving up processed food, sugar, soda and get into an exercise routine, like cardio and strength training, will change people’s body.”

Adele has been trying out the Sirtfood Diet, per the New York Post. The Sirtfood Diet is an eating plan that focuses on sirtuins, a.k.a. proteins in your body that specialize in cellular health and metabolism. According to the Post, the diet includes kale, extra-virgin olive oil, buckwheat, matcha, blueberries, and arugula, but also allows for red wine and dark chocolate.

However, nutritionist Glen Matten, who helped develop the program, told the publication that even with those few indulgences, the diet is hard. For three days, participants are supposed to only eat 1,000 calories a day of sirtuin-heavy foods and green juices before increasing their caloric intake to 1,500 calories a day.

Beyond changing up her diet, Adele did work with a personal trainer. The singer started her new exercise plan and worked out three times a week, according to US Weekly. “She does 60-minute sessions that include cardio, circuit training, and Pilates,” a source told the publication in July 2019. “She’s found a routine that’s working for her and is enjoying it more.”

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