Apparently we've been peeling carrots wrong our whole lives

Peeling carrots is just peeling carrots, right?


Apparently we’ve been doing so in a pretty inefficient way for our whole lives, as another TikTok video schools us completely.

The viral video from Liv Dalton shows that peelers can be used not just in a downward motion, but up and down the length of the carrot, saving us a whole load of time.

Whereas normally you’d only get a peeling in one direction, this way you can simply keep turning the carrot round and peel continuously as you go.

People were shocked to discover they could have lost hours of their life peeling carrots wrong, and the video has now been viewed almost 500,000 times.

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Comments underneath the post from the Australian woman ranged from ‘I thought the other side of the blade was just for left-handed people to use. This is the first time I’ve seen it done this way’ to ‘Why am I turned on?’

Whatever peels your carrot, pal.

TikTok has been a hub for hacks in recent months.

First, we realised that we could still get a hosepipe to fill our pools and water our gardens even without an outdoor tap.

Then, a woman saved us a whole load of mess by sharing her method of cutting watermelon into perfect pieces with some unflavoured dental floss.

Not sure how we’ve managed to get through life thus far, but we’ll certainly have much more time in the future (and many more carrots and watermelon slices).

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