Bargain-hunting dad gets Christmas dinner for £2

Putting together a Christmas dinner with all the trimmings usually costs quite a bit.

But this dad has managed to grab everything his family needs for just 50p per person – including a turkey for just over £1.

E-commerce manager and part-time supermarket worker, Alasdair Baker, 47, from Aldershot, Hampshire, UK, has managed to bag a full Christmas feast for under £2, after picking up a whole host of incredible ‘yellow sticker’ bargains from the discount counter of Morrisons, where he works part-time.

He managed bags of sprouts and carrots for 5p each, 2 kg of potatoes for 7p, broccoli for 5p, two winter berry sponges for 13p each, a cheesecake for 18p and a large turkey crown for just £1.03.

He also gets an additional staff discount of 15%.

As everything was approaching the use-by date, he froze everything to share with his partner Sophie, 43, daughter, 18, and son, three.

Alasdair has become a keen bargain-hunter after his confectionary business went bust in 2017 and landed him with over half a million pounds worth of debt.

Although his financial situation is more stable today, bargain hunting is now a habit and one he doesn’t plan to drop anytime soon.

Also a trained chef, Alasdair has the necessary expertise to make great meals out of whatever he can find on offer.

‘I used to run a food import company selling American candy and other imported items,’ Alasdair said.

‘Unfortunately, the business ended up going bust and I ended up half a million pounds in debt and bankrupt.

‘I had a teenage daughter, I had just got divorced and had a baby boy on the way so I needed to feed us.

‘It was a necessity. If I didn’t do that then we would struggle to have enough money for food.

‘Once you’ve been in that situation you don’t want to be in it again.

‘I turned into the ‘penny pincher’ to find as many cheap things as I possibly could to save as much money as possible.’

Alasdair’s job working in Morrisons certainly helps him grab a few bargains, although he insists that he waits until the end of his shift to sift through the yellow sticker items as opposed to hoarding.

He said: ‘I started working part time in Morrisons after being moved to part-time in my job in e-commerce as a result of the pandemic.

‘It’s been a massive help in finding bargains and being able to cut down on our food spending.

‘People have said to me “you work in Morrisons, surely you just take all the good stuff” but that’s not the case at all.

‘I always pick up my bargains at the end of the day, when my shift has finished and find incredible deals which bizarrely haven’t been picked up by customers.’

He gets so many things, he has filled an entire freezer this year and is doing a no-buy January to try to use some of it up.

He said: ‘I had to buy a new freezer this year, just to fit all the bargains in, and even that is now completely full.

‘We’re trying to have a spend free January where we use everything out of the freezer and only buy fresh fruit and milk.

‘It’s the big turkeys that aren’t being sold at the moment, especially as people aren’t having massive Christmas gatherings due to COVID-19.

‘People are also waiting before buying their Christmas dinner as plans are changing, so there are lots of Christmas items that just aren’t being bought.

‘I told my friends I wouldn’t be happy if I didn’t have a yellow sticker turkey, so I’m so glad I got one.’

Alasdair’s advice for keen bargain hunters is to wait until the final reductions of the day between 6:30pm and 7:30pm where supermarkets cut the price of items by up to as much as 95%.

He also says that it is more rare to find a bargain on meat, so his advice is to be quick if you see these items reduced.

‘I want to give people advice on what can be done on a really tight budget,” Alasdair said.

‘I went from being quite well off and having nice holidays to it being the complete opposite.

‘Even if I won the lottery I don’t think my attitude to getting a bargain would change.’

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