Cooking Up Martha Stewart's Apple Dessert Is The Perfect Way to Get Into the Fall Spirit

When fall hits, we grab the sweaters, go apple-picking, and make all the sweet treats we know the whole family will enjoy. Martha Stewart just made the ultimate fall dessert, and, you guessed it, the main ingredient is apples.

On Oct 7, Stewart uploaded a photo of her newest, easy-to-recreate apple recipe with the caption, “Put your freshly-picked autumn apples to use by making this classic crumble. It calls for three pounds of apples, which are then tossed with lemon juice, ground cinnamon, sugar, and flour. Top with a buttery brown sugar crumble and bake until bubbling. Get the recipe at the link in bio! 📷: @conpoulos_photographer.”

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Our stomachs are already rumbling at the sight of it; we can’t even imagine when it’s in front of us. With the cold weather outside, a warm gooey dessert like this is perfect to feel extremely cozy. Now this recipe takes less than two hours to recreate, so grab ingredients like unbleached all-purpose flour, lemon juice, kosher salt, vanilla ice cream, and apples. Stewart recommends snagging Mutsu apples, by the way!

Here’s the best part: the recipe takes only a few steps. You start by brushing a dish with unsalted butter, and within no time, you’ll be baking for an hour. Don’t forget the ice cream!

Check out Stewart’s full Apple Crumble recipe HERE.

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